Ride the emotion of your best customers
to get new ones

We make it simple to add social conscious marketing to your brand.

What is Social Conscious Marketing? You’ll be surprised

Social Affinity

Turn the passion of your brand’s customers into your best asset and get new ones.

Bring people together around your brand, making it a fun buying experience.


Social Responsibility

Make an impact on your customers and the world, and build your brand.

Our customers make social conscious marketing work

Bixbee goes with kids on the go

Parents turn to Bixbee, and their line of bags, to outfit their kids on the go. When Bixbee wants to outfit more families through happy parents, it turns to MeeWee.

MobileEdge gets an edge from MeeWee

MobileEdge is all things cases and tech. In a new world of what it means to be mobile, MeeWee gives the brand a new social edge with its customers and their friends.

Fior means true in Gaelic, and to beauty

When Fior wanted to bring existing and new customers together around its 100% Vegan, plant powered beauty line, it used MeeWee to spread the word.

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