We make it simple, easy, and fun to engage, excite, and delight your best and new customers through social conscious marketing

MeeWee easily snaps into any email platform and your social media to creatively and innovatively help your brand become socially conscious. Discover what it means for customers to support your brand through social affinity, socialization, or social responsibility.

Our Story

There has been a fundamental change in marketing over the past decade, and the global pandemic forced brands to rethink their approach to acquire, retain, and grow customers. It was out of this chaos that MeeWee was born to enable marketers to empower their customers. We wanted MeeWee to be radically simple but combine the best things about email, social media marketing, affiliate programs, and loyalty programs. We are proud of what we’ve built, and excited to continue to grow our community.

MeeWee is a small, comprehensive team working to build the future of social conscious marketing. Our team has 50+ years of experience that spans multiple disciplines including engineering, customer experience, marketing, and analytics.

We’re a tight-knit, passionate group that embraces hard work, strongly encourages creativity, and supports learning new things.