Customers engage with brands they love

Social conscious marketing injects emotion into your brand

MeeWee lets you create a socially conscious brand in three ways

Social Affinity

Unleash the passion of your brand’s customers and let them share your news and promotions. Target your best customers in your email database. Create a highly emotional and appealing MeeWee message in the email and let the customer and social media do the rest.


Does your brand bring people together? Perhaps you’re a dining and entertainment, travel, or a food and beverage brand. Target your customer’s event preferences through email. Share the excitement and let your customers bring in family and friends to create a fun experience.

Social Responsibility

Show your customers you care through the good your brand creates. MeeWee builds the bridge between your email and social media marketing to spread the word and engage people to support you.

You’re the socially conscious marketer, MeeWee’s the bridge that brings it together.

Here’s what great socially conscious marketers do:

Know their best customers and target them with what interests and excites them

Create a social conscious that works for your brand and customer. Is it affinity, socialization, or social

Charge your messages with emotion and excitement. Make it irresistible for them to share

Provide incentives where it makes sense. Tie it to loyalty and referral programs

Track your success

Oh, you have a loyalty and referral program…That’s not MeeWee.

We complement your loyalty and referral programs and make them much more effective at a tiny fraction of the cost. Plus, MeeWee adds the social conscious aspect to your marketing. What loyalty and referral programs do that?

Ready to become a socially conscious marketer?