Software that simplifies getting new customers

Low risk, high reward. MeeWee quickly adds a social message to your email campaigns and lets your best customers share it with friends and family in a single click.

Do it in under 5 minutes. No tech stack. No need to code. No expensive licensing. Anyone can do it.

Here’s how it works. As simple as 1, 2, 3.


Add MeeWee links to email

  • Use any email platform
  • Explore our 120+ button and message templates for ideas, or
  • Drag and drop the message into an existing or new email template
  • View the desktop or mobile preview in MeeWee


Link your MeeWee message

  • Give it a name, headline, and caption
  • Assign the destination URL


Track your MeeWee success

  • Select the attribution token
  • Add a landing page to your offer
  • Name the link and save it

Here’s what other marketers say about MeeWee

It was so easy to start using MeeWee and we started seeing results right away.

Luis Manuel Garcia

Founder & CEO, Bixbee

I’ve had success with MeeWee with a number of my clients for a variety of use cases from building affinity, driving events, and promoting causes.

Kat Johnson

Founder and Owner , Kat Johnson Consulting

MeeWee helps us drive meaningful engagement and engagement helps drive sales.

Paul June

VP of Marketing, Mobile Edge

Want to get even more from MeeWee?

Inject emotion into your marketing with messages that create a socially conscious brand.

We make that simple too.